Sunsbest 3000 red light panel


  • More energy
  • More collagen, resulting in visibly smoother skin
  • Better sleep
  • Three-year warranty
  • Wall mount included, stand not included
  • Included accessories: blackout glasses, wall mounting system, power cable, remote control
  • Free shipping
  • The Sunsbest 3000 can be attached to the motorised stand, vertical stand, and multifunctional stand.

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Experience the best of the sun with Sunsbest 3000, bringing a near full-body red light panel into your home for a powerful effect on a healthy lifestyle.

Support yourself with a healthy lifestyle whenever possible, especially considering that with each passing second, our bodies age a little bit more. As everyone knows, aging comes with its challenges. Aging processes are a natural part of life but often make things more difficult. Aging starts playing a role from our youth. Some parts of the process happen faster than others, and eventually, we begin to notice the effects—slower recovery, for example. We also start seeing visible changes, like wrinkles appearing on our skin, something we previously associated with older individuals but now notice on ourselves.

While aging is a process that can be accelerated, often due to an unhealthy lifestyle, it can also be slowed down and sometimes even reversed. One of the most efficient and targeted interventions you can make revolves around the red and near-infrared light emitted by the impressive Sunsbest 3000, one of the most powerful panels in the Sunsbest series.

Measuring 180 centimetres (5’9) in length, the Sunsbest 3000 is equipped with 600 powerful LEDs that emit five carefully selected wavelengths, delivering the best of the sun’s benefits. Unlike smaller panels in the series, the generous size of this panel eliminates the need for raising and lowering the light with a pulley system. All you have to do is turn your body towards the light and bask in the warmth, knowing that you are nourishing your body and promoting overall well-being. Research shows that the specific sun frequencies emitted by this panel can have healing effects while avoiding the downsides associated with natural sunlight. For instance, you won’t experience skin aging from this “sunlight,” but instead, you’ll enjoy increased collagen production, promoting skin rejuvenation.

The 3000 Watts of light output from this exceptional panel are delivered through highly focused lenses, creating narrow and precise beams of light. Achieving sufficient coverage requires a large number of LEDs, and in this case, that requirement is more than met. Furthermore, the LEDs themselves are truly powerful, providing 5 Watts each. It’s also worth noting that the device features a convenient touch-sensitive timer and is made with a sleek metal design.

Many users of this panel have noticed the rejuvenating effects of their daily light therapy sessions. To better understand this, it’s helpful to consider the opposite situation: as the years go by, the quality and production of our cellular energy powerhouses, the mitochondria, decrease. Consequently, cells function less effectively, and we may experience a decrease in energy compared to our younger years. Fortunately, it’s possible to fuel these cellular energy powerhouses. And that’s where light comes in, specifically red light and near-infrared light.

When cells are better equipped to perform their functions thanks to light therapy, the body operates more optimally, and you’ll notice the impact on your own energy levels. Other benefits include faster and more efficient recovery from exercise and injuries, reduced inflammation, improved sleep quality, increased testosterone production, a positive impact on the microbiome, and an increase in collagen production—a crucial factor in reducing wrinkles.

By regularly exposing yourself to red and infrared light for at least 10  minutes a day, you harness the power of natural healing and enhance  your body’s ability to heal itself. It’s no wonder that Harvard professor Michael Hamblin predicts that in the future, every household will have a panel equipped with this type of light.

With the Sunsbest 3000, there’s no need for outdoor light therapy sessions anymore. You can comfortably enjoy the best of the sun in the comfort of your own home, bathing your body in its beneficial rays every single day.



Power per LED: 5 Watts

LED Chips: 42mm

LED Wavelengths: 25% = 630, 25% = 660, 10% = 810, 20% = 830, 20% = 850 nm

Convex Lens Angle: 30 degrees

Operation: Touch buttons, digital timer

EMF at 15 centimetres: Negligible

Colour: Beige

Material: Metal

Weight: 21.5 kg

Dimensions: 180 x 30 x 6.5 cm (70.9 x 11.8 x 2.6″)

Ventilators: 8

Connectable: Physically connectable to other panels in the Sunsbest series and controllable with a single button.

Power Consumption: 992 Watts

Usage Life: 100,000 hours

Included Accessories: Blackout glasses, 2-meter power cable, wall mounting system, two screws (drill size 12), plugs, and stops

Delivery Time: Available in stock

Warranty: Three years

Shipping: Free


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