Sunsbest Sunspot


With its adjustable stand, the Sunspot allows you to customise its direction, ensuring targeted therapy. Set it at your preferred height and indulge in the soothing glow of red light.

While Sunsbest panels provide broad coverage or full-body illumination, the Sunspot offers the convenience of targeted treatment while keeping most of your clothing on.

Easily switch between red light, near-infrared light, or both using the user-friendly touch buttons.

The Sunsbest Sunspot is a potent red light therapy solution, delivering focused healing where you need it most. Adjust the stand to your desired height and let the therapeutic red light work its wonders on specific areas of your body.

Material: Metal Weight: 7 kg Light Intensity: 676 mW/cm² at a distance of 11 cm Height: 125 cm Warranty: 3 years EMF: 13 Adjustable: Height adjustable from 35 cm to 72 cm Shipping: Free


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Discover the Sunsbest Sunspot, a powerful red light therapy device that offers precise healing for specific areas of your body.