Sunsbest 60 red light panel


  • Portable for on-the-go use
  • 12 powerful red LEDs
  • Built-in battery for three hours of wireless operation
  • Includes power adapter for charging

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This practical panel is suitable for handheld use and can be used to illuminate various body parts as desired. It includes a battery, allowing you to take the red light with you wherever you go.

The effects of the red light occur on multiple levels, including the skin’s surface, resulting in cosmetic improvements such as reduced wrinkles. Additionally, the Sunsbest 60 emits near-infrared rays that penetrate deeply, potentially providing positive effects on muscles and eyes.

By regularly exposing yourself to red and infrared light for at least 10  minutes a day, you harness the power of natural healing and enhance  your body’s ability to heal itself. Harvard professor Michael Hamblin expects that in the future, every household will be equipped with a panel featuring this light.

The five carefully selected wavelengths harness the best of the sun while avoiding the harmful frequencies associated with sunlight. This is advantageous, but it also means the light does not induce tanning or stimulate the production of vitamin D3. The panel features powerful 5-watt LEDs, utilises highly focused lenses, and is made of metal.


When will I see an improvement in the quality of my skin?

There are individual differences, however in general an improvement becomes noticeable after a few months.

Does it take a lot of time to achieve an effect?

Exposing the body to the light for ten minutes daily is sufficient to observe a positive effect. If only a specific body part is illuminated, other parts of the body may also benefit. This could be due to the charged mitochondria spreading throughout the body to perform their beneficial functions elsewhere.

How should I best use the panel?

Place the panel on a table and use it to illuminate your face or another body part. Alternatively, the panel can be easily hung using the provided door hook or cord, which can be adjusted in height using the pulley.


If you have any additional questions regarding the red light or the panels, you can find answers to most of them on this page, or contact us.



Colour: White

LED Wavelengths: 25% = 630nm, 25% = 660nm, 10% = 810nm, 20% = 830nm, 20% = 850nm

LED Chips: 42mm

Power per LED: 5 Watts

Number of LEDs: 12

Incident Angle of Convex Lenses: 30 degrees

Warranty: 3 years

Light Intensity: 100 mW/cm2 at the surface

Battery: Yes

Protective Cover: Yes

Light-blocking Glasses: Yes