Sunsbest mobile multifunctional stand


Adjustable stand for four models from the series: Sunsbest 1000, Sunsbest 1500, Sunsbest 3000, and Sunsbest 6000.

With this stand you can experience the light while sitting on a bed or chair.

The stand does not include a panel.

The mobile stand is capable of holding four Sunsbest 1500 panels.

Op voorraad. Levertijd: 2 - 3 werkdagen



Take a seat under the Sunsbest red light panel. Whether below, in front, or beside it. It’s all possible with this comprehensive stand.

This multifunctional stand allows you to move one or multiple panels, for example, to a treatment table or bed.

The stand can be adjusted within a height range of 105 to 135 centimetres (41.3″ to 53.1″).

Additionally suitable for less mobile individuals who can experience the light by lying beneath it or sitting in front of it.

After use, simply unlock the wheels with a small motion and move the panel to another location in the room.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about red light therapy or the panels, you can find most of the questions and their answers on this page. You can also easily contact us there.



Color: White

Dimensions of the lower part of the stand:

Height: 8.35 cm (3.3″)
Depth: 67.2 cm (26.5″)
Width rear side: 44.9 cm (17.7″)
Width front side: 71.2 cm (28″)

Mobile: Yes, with four wheels and braking capability.