Sunsbest mobile stand for vertical mounting


This sturdy stand is suitable for vertically carrying and moving the Sunsbest 6000, Sunsbest 3000, Sunsbest 1500, and Sunsbest 1000.

It is also possible to simultaneously mount six Sunsbest 1000 or Sunsbest 1500 panels with this stand.

Stand does not include the panel.

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The Sunsbest panels work perfectly when attached to the wall or suspended from a hook using a pulley system. However, there are times when it can be incredibly convenient to move a panel around the space. That’s where this sturdy and mobile stand comes in handy.

Attaching the panel to the stand is simple, allowing you to move both around the room. Bring out the panel for use and easily hide it away when finished.

Move the panel around, lock the wheels in place, and enjoy the light. When you’re done, simply unlock the wheels with a small motion and roll the panel to another location in the room.

Due to its powerful and solid construction, this stand is capable of supporting the largest panel in the Sunsbest series, the Sunsbest 6000, or six units of the Sunsbest 1500, for example.

Additional Information

Weight: 21 kilogram

Color: Black

Wheelbase width: 80 centimeters (31.5 inches)
Wheelbase length: 60.5 centimeters (23.8 inches)

Adjustable in height:
Yes, from 90 to 135 centimeters (35.5 to 53 inches), measured from the ground.