Sunsbest 1500 red light panel


  • More energy
  • More collagen, resulting in visibly smoother skin
  • Better sleep
  • Three-year warranty
  • Stand not included
  • The Sunsbest 1500 can be placed in a floor stand and attached to the motorised stand, vertical stand, and multifunctional stand.
  • Included accessories: blackout glasses, door hook, four rubber feet, cord with pulley

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Experience the ultimate power of the sun with Sunsbest 1500.

Bring the sun into your home with the Sunsbest 1500. It offers the very best of the sun’s rays, providing a boost to your overall well-being.

What you never really thought about as a child becomes clear as day later in life: life is beautiful, but it can also be tough. With each passing second, we age and become less vital. This can leave us feeling less fit and struggling to keep up with the rest. While it’s natural for our bodies to experience decline and breakdown, we still want to enjoy a high-quality life for as long as possible. That’s where a healthy lifestyle comes into play. Thanks to modern technology and our increased understanding of nature, we now have the ability to apply a targeted and efficient bio-hack. And it all starts with something as fundamental as light.

Humans are designed to thrive on light, and having access to an alternative that brings the best of the sun into your home at the touch of a button is nothing short of a luxury. Every single day.

The Sunsbest 1500 is an impressive panel featuring a whopping 300 powerful LEDs, each emitting 5 Watts of energy. That’s a total of 1500 Watts of solar power beaming directly at you. It’s like plugging your fingers into an electrical socket and charging yourself up to conquer the day. In reality, the panel’s plug goes into an electrical outlet, allowing the energy to flow into your system through the logical and healthy pathway of light.

How does it work exactly? A crucial part of the story revolves around our cells’ energy powerhouses, the mitochondria. We have about 100 trillion of them, producing around two billion every second (2,000,000,000). Their purpose is to provide energy to our cells as efficiently as possible. However, as the years pass, the quality and production of mitochondria decrease. This leads to diminished cell function and a perceived decrease in energy compared to our younger years. Thankfully, we can slow down and even reverse this downward trend. The key is fueling the energy powerhouses, and that’s where light comes in. Specifically, red light and near-infrared light.

Red light and near-infrared light can be absorbed by the mitochondria, providing them with the fuel they need to produce energy. Once this happens, cells can perform their functions more effectively, and we experience a boost in energy. But that’s not all—light has other important effects. It stimulates collagen production, reducing wrinkles; it accelerates recovery from exercise and injuries; it reduces inflammation; it improves sleep quality; it boosts testosterone production; and it positively influences the microbiome.

By regularly exposing yourself to red and infrared light for at least 10  minutes a day, you harness the power of natural healing and enhance  your body’s ability to heal itself —a crucial aspect in a world that often goes against its natural rhythms. By harmonizing with nature, you strengthen the body’s vital self-healing capabilities. Harvard professor Michael Hamblin predicts that in the future, every household will have a panel with this type of light.

The Sunsbest 1500 features five carefully selected wavelengths that provide the best of the sun’s benefits without the harmful frequencies associated with sunlight. The panel boasts 300 powerful 5 Watt LEDs, a highly focused lens system, a touch-sensitive timer, and a sleek metal design.



LED Chips: 42 mm

LED Wavelengths: 25% = 630, 25% = 660, 10% = 810, 20% = 830, 20% = 850 nm

Convex Lens Angle: 30 degrees

Operation: Touch buttons, digital timer

EMF at 15 centimeters: Negligible

Color: Beige

Material: Metal

Weight: 7 kg

Dimensions: 70 x 22 x 6 cm (27.6 x 8.7 x 2.4″)

Ventilators: 4

Connectable: Physically connectable to other panels in the Sunsbest series and controllable with a single button.

Power Consumption: 350 Watts

Usage Life: 100,000 hours

Included Accessories: Blackout glasses, 2-meter power cable, four rubber feet, cord with pulley, door hook

Delivery Time: Available in stock

Warranty: Three years


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