Sunsbest 500 red light panel


More Energy

More Collagen, resulting in visibly smoother skin

Better Sleep

Three years warranty

Included accessories: blackout glasses, door hook, four rubber feet, cord with pulley

Includes bracket, stand not included

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Harness the Power of the Sun with the Sunsbest 500

This compact panel, equipped with 100 powerful LEDs, is ideal for illuminating the face or any other body part.

The effects of red light occur on multiple levels, including the skin’s surface, resulting in cosmetic improvements such as reduced wrinkles. Additionally, the near-infrared rays of the Sunsbest 500 penetrate deeply into the face, potentially providing positive effects in areas such as muscles and eyes.

Tired eyes, facial imperfections, wrinkles—these are signs of aging that tend to increase as we grow older. They possess a certain charm but are ideally slowed down or reversed. These aging processes are accelerated due to our lifestyle, which compounds the effects of aging. Fortunately, it is possible to intervene to some extent in these aging processes, including through a healthy lifestyle and, more specifically, based on years of research into red and near-infrared light. This knowledge has led to the development of the Sunsbest 500 panel, which, despite its modest size, incorporates five wavelengths—the best of the sun.

Delving deeper into the subject, it becomes clear that red light and near-infrared light provide fuel to the billions of energy powerhouses within our cells. This enhances their ability to produce energy, allowing cells to function better and providing us with more energy. Other benefits can be faster healing after sport or injury, less  inflammation, better sleep, more testosterone, and helpful effects on gut bacteria

By regularly exposing yourself to red and infrared light for at least 10  minutes a day, you harness the power of natural healing and enhance  your body’s ability to heal itself.. Harvard professor Michael Hamblin expects that in the future, every household will have a panel with this light.

The five carefully selected wavelengths avoid the harmful frequencies associated with sunlight. While this is advantageous, it also means that the light does not cause tanning or stimulate vitamin D3 production. The panel features 100 powerful 5-watt LEDs, utilises highly focused lenses, has a touch-sensitive timer, and is made of metal.


– What is the most effective way to use the panel? Place the panel on a table and illuminate your face or another body part. Alternatively, the panel can be easily hung using the included door hook or cord, which is adjustable in height with the pulley.



LED Wavelengths: 25% = 630, 25% = 660, 10% = 810, 20% = 830, 20% = 850 nm

Convex Lens Angle: 30 degrees

Operation: Touch buttons, digital timer

EMF at 15 centimetres: Negligible

Colour: Beige

Material: Metal

Weight: 2.8 kg

Dimensions: 26 x 22 x 6 cm (10.2 x 8.7 x 2.4″)

Silent Fans: 1

Connectable: Physically connectable to other panels in the Sunsbest series and controllable with a single button.

Power Consumption: 120 Watts

Usage Life: 100,000 hours

Included Accessories: Blackout glasses, 2-meter power cable, four rubber feet, cord with pulley, door hook

Delivery Time: Available in stock

Warranty: Three years