Sunsbest Solaris 1 Red light bed


Experience red light therapy at its finest with the Solaris red light beds from Sunsbest. Within the bed series, the Solaris 1 is the most affordable option. But why choose a bed when there are panels available? The answer to that question relates to convenience and coverage.

One significant difference between red light therapy panels and the Solaris sunbeds is the body surface area that can be illuminated. With the bed, you receive a full-body treatment from head to toe, leaving no spot untouched by the light. There’s no need to adjust panels up or down, rotate your body to the light’s side, or turn yourself towards or away from the light halfway through the session. The entire body surface is bathed in light effortlessly. The sunbed offers the most comprehensive and ideal way to benefit from red light therapy.

Convenience To experience the full benefits of red light therapy optimally, all you need to do is lie down and enjoy while your health receives a direct boost. The bed surrounds you with healing red light—no blue light rays that could contribute to skin aging. Skin-rejuvenating and muscle-recovery red light frequencies enhance your quality of life without you lifting a finger—maximum convenience. Listen to your favourite podcast, make a phone call, or savour your time in the red light as an unparalleled moment of relaxation.

Levertijd: 3 - 4 maanden



Immerse yourself in red light with the Solaris sunbeds from Sunsbest. It’s the most significant step you can take in the realm of red light therapy—there’s no further you can go: complete care, ultimate enjoyment.

The bed is equipped with nearly 12,000 LEDs emitting the most relevant and health-promoting frequencies found in sunlight: 630, 660, 810, 830, and 850 nm.