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Break the downward spiral

Aging is a natural part of life. This systematic aging is not only noticeable over time, but also visible on your skin. At the same time, your physical recovery slows down and the quality and quantity of sleep decreases. Many of these aging processes are already set in motion from our youth and are often accelerated by our lifestyle. It is possible to intervene in this downward spiral and slow it down or even reverse it.

Revitalise your body with light.
Often without being aware of it, people accelerate their aging process. But you can do a lot by improving your lifestyle.The next step is to use the right supplementation, and to provide the body’s cells with enough fuel. You can do that with red and near-infrared light.

More energy!
The red light provides the energy generating centers of the cells with fuel to produce energy. This makes the cells in your body better able to do their work and also provide you with more energy. Other effects include increased collagen production and reduced wrinkles, faster and more efficient recovery after sports and injury, reduced inflammation (many modern afflictions are fundamentally inflammatory diseases), improved sleep, improved hormone balance and a beneficial influence on gut health.


Harvard professor Michael Hamblin expects in the future most households will have such a light panel.

Sunsbest is unique.
Science has discovered the benefits of red light. More and more research is becoming available and more equipment is being offered. Sunsbest stands out due to the high quality of the materials. You only notice the important characteristics of this quality when you use it. Initially many panels seem similar, until you experience the remarkable brightness and delightful warmth of Sunsbest.

The Sunsbest series of red light therapy panels use the most powerful LEDs. This is essential. For example, with 2 Watt LEDs, you need almost twice as much time to achieve the same effect, compared to the 5 Watt LEDs of Sunsbest. The powerful LEDs, combined with a large number of LEDs per panel and five specific wavelengths make a panel from the red light series of Sunsbest the best choice you can make.

The science behind red light

Extensive scientific research has been done on red light, and more research is being done. It is clear so far that the light can make a significant contribution to your health.

By 2019, there were over 5000 scientific studies on red and near-infrared light. That number is increasing as it becomes apparent that besides nourishing nutrition, exercise, and supplementation, light is one of the most interesting and efficient bio-hacks you can do.

American red light expert Ari Whitten lists: more collagen, meaning fewer wrinkles and cellulitis, better athletic performance and faster muscle recovery, better wound healing and bone fracture recovery, increased fat burning, stimulation of hair growth, increased insulin sensitivity, improved immunity, decrease of thyroid problems, less joint pain and inflammation, improved gene expression, and improvement in autoimmune diseases, adds Harvard Professor Michael Hamblin.

Increased collagen production

Collagen is one of the most important substances in our bodies. Light stimulates its production. That’s significant as from the age of 25 collagen production decreases. Slow down the decrease and aging with smoother skin and accelerated healing of damaged tissue as a visible result.

More energy
The mitochondria get less efficient over the years, explains American red light expert Ari Whitten in the above videos. Just like muscles, these energy centers need to be stimulated. Give your body what it needs with the best of the sun and boost your mitochondria and your cells.

With red light, the quality and quantity of the mitochondria increase, allowing the cells to do their job better. This way, you increase your resilience and stay fit, energetic and healthy for longer.

Gene expression
Light is essential for every aspect of life, partly due to its favorable influence on gene expression, Whitten explains.

The light “activates genes involved in cell repair, cell regeneration and cell growth.” This happens as a result of the light, he says, throughout our body – in the skin, muscles, but also in the brain, for example. These are effects that persist long after the light has shone.

Advantages of red light

The benefits of red light are numerous and diverse. The light increases collagen production, leading to smoother skin, reduces inflammation and pain, improves athletic performance and helps in faster muscle recovery, contributes to better wound healing, stimulates the cell energy centers for better functioning, and gives you more energy, contributes to better sleep, has a positive impact on the circadian rhythm, improves blood circulation, stimulates fat burning, and contributes to cell repair, regeneration and growth through


The source of life, the sun, can be brought into the home with red light therapy. Powerful LED lights with five very specific wavelengths shine onto your skin every day and penetrate deeply into your body. Just 10 minutes a day with the best of the sun is enough for a measurable improvement in health. Red light is one of the most efficient interventions in physical and mental health that you can do.

How does it work? We need sunshine but have to do without for large parts of the year. This contributes to the fact that large parts of the population are chronically ill. Fortunately we know that the best elements of the sun, the healing sun frequencies, can promote health. The light from the Sunsbest panels hits you from close up and is therefore even more powerful than the sun.
Five carefully selected sun frequencies charge you up and support you. Every day. Meanwhile, you call your friends, listen to your favorite podcast, or, if you turn away from the light and open your eyes, catch up on your messages.

Red light and the sun: similarities and differences
Whenever you can, go enjoy the sun. As long as you don’t get sunburnt, the sun is healthy, generally speaking. The sun offers all the benefits of the red and near-infrared light panels, while also providing vitamin D3 through UV radiation. It also gives you a nice tan and, conversely, some people even get a winter depression if there is not enough sunlight – preliminary research shows that not only blue light, but also red light helps with depressive symptoms.

Sunlight is great, but there are also disadvantages, such as skin aging, precisely due to UV radiation. The Sunsbest panels avoid UV radiation and therefore work anti-aging. In addition, the panels shine on you with their carefully chosen sun frequencies even in the fall and winter. The best of the sun all year round with Sunsbest.

365 days of sun in the house
Standing with your eyes closed in front of the incredible amount of light from a Sunsbest panel, you feel the familiar, pleasant warmth of the sun. Even if it’s in the middle of winter and it’s cold and dark outside you feel like you are opening the door to the garden in summer.

On a day like this, waking up eager for the new day, you close your eyes and feel the warm sun rays with a big smile on your face. You feel the energy recharge yourself and that’s exactly how you stand in front of your red light panel, every day. Winter is coming – no worries. Sun every day, the best of the sun, with Sunsbest.

Red light affects the core of our existence. Humans are completely adapted to light. This is evident from the positive influence of light on the energy centers of our cells, the mitochondria. They do their best to make the billions of cells in our body function as optimally as possible. However, as the years go by, the quality and production of the mitochondria decreases. The result is that the cells cannot do their job as well and we experience that we have less energy than in our younger years. This is an opportunity to take action by using red light.


By exposing yourself to red and infrared light for 10 minutes or more daily, you are aligning with nature and boosting your body’s self-healing abilities. It couldn’t be easier: take off your shirt or trousers, sit or stand in front of the light and you’re done in just 10 minutes. This short time is enough to have an effect. The positive effects take place in just a few minutes, but also continue after. The light triggers processes that influence health in many different ways. You can read and hear more about this further down the page.

Red light therapy and its noticeable health aspects are both extraordinary and accessible thanks to modern technology and the latest scientific insights. On the one hand, it is only natural that the best of the sun is so remarkably healthy for us – the human body is fully designed for light. Light is the most basic source of energy there is.


The entire body benefits from light, from the surface through the skin to deep inside the cells. And then there are the mental effects. Every time, the abundance of warm light impresses.

SUNSBEST: the strongest LEDs, more LEDs per panel, 5 of the best, healthiest sun frequencies.
The warm rays of the rising and setting sun, which we often miss in practice, have a healing and nourishing function. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to bring this light into your home with the press of a button and give nature more room in your life.


Every athlete knows that muscle recovery is at least as important as the muscle building and muscle damaging work in the gym. Numerous studies have shown that red light, especially the near-infrared part of it, has a particularly favorable effect on muscle recovery. This was revealed after research by Harvard professor Michael Hamblin, and by experience of, for example, biohacker Ari Whitten (who wrote a book about red light) and American physician Mark Hyman. He speaks about “a faster recovery after my most intense training sessions.”

By exposing yourself to red light for ten minutes after training, you greatly promote your muscle recovery. At the same time, you are building your collagen, causing your skin to rejuvenate instead of aging, like a sunbed. Even prior to exercising, it is good to expose yourself to red light. It has an energy-boosting effect, allowing you to train more intensely. This has to do with what Hyman describes, namely the ATP-enhancing properties of red light. This stacks up to the fact that light helps to combat inflammation, promotes blood circulation, leads to better sleep, and thus also to better recovery and improves the quality of hormone regulation, leading to a higher testosterone level in men, as experienced by American biohacker Ben Greenfield.

Rood licht therapie
Rood licht therapie
Rood licht therapie


Large parts of the population are confined to their homes and live entire days, sometimes entire seasons, under artificial light. In fact, they are deficient exactly at a time in their lives when they are already becoming weaker and less resilient.

 Imagine living in a care home and being able to take a refreshing light shower every day? Inside it is safe to enjoy an impressive amount of pleasant warm light while standing, sitting, or lying down every day.

83-year-old Jaap experienced it and said after that he daydreamed with the light: “It was as if I was lying on a warm beach!” In fact, he stood in front of a Sunsbest panel for ten minutes and gave his body and mind what they could use so well, especially now that everything is not working as smoothly as before.

When it comes to health, the advice is often to make radical changes. But what if you are less mobile? What if intensive physical activity is not an option? Red light can mean a lot for your health. The light is a blessing for humans, also for the non-mobile human.

The experience of the warm light and what it does to the body are two valuable arguments to consider red light when mobility becomes an issue, especially in old age. With the push of a button, you bring in the best of the sun, every day.

High energy bill?

You might think that red light is expensive to use now that energy prices are rising. It’s a understandable thought, especially since the panels’ output is so high – you really get a lot of light. But it’s made with LEDs, which are known for being energy efficient. What does this mean for your bills?

Let’s assume a panel with an average size, the Sunsbest 1500, with 300 LEDs. If you use it for 10 minutes a day for 30 days, how much energy will you use? The answer is 1 kilowatt hour, kWh, per month. For comparison, a washing machine uses about 200 kWh a year. And now the question is, how much will you spend on the daily use of the Sunsbest 1500? At the end of the month, the electricity consumption will be about 34p, based on data from January 2023.