Sunsbest 6000 red light panel


  • More energy
  • More collagen, resulting in visibly smoother skin
  • Better sleep
  • Three-year warranty
  • Bracket included, stand not included
  • Included accessories: blackout glasses, power cable, wall mounting system, remote control
  • Free shipping
  • The Sunsbest 6000 can be used with the motorised stand and vertical stand.

Levertijd: 2 - 3 werkdagen



With the Sunsbest 6000, you can treat the entire front or back of your body in a single session. Specifically, this means that with this remarkable panel, you can achieve in 13 minutes what would take four sessions totaling 40 minutes with the Sunsbest 1500: extremely efficient. Imagine, with a light touch of the touch-sensitive button, 6000 watts of light output radiate onto and into your body, providing an overwhelming light therapy session that is available at any time to perform its healing work.

The human body is inherently designed to benefit from the most fundamental energy source available, sunlight. Bring the best of the sun into your home with the Sunsbest 6000, a full-body panel and the most powerful panel in the series.

One significant way in which this panel works is by charging the powerhouses of our cells, the mitochondria, enabling our cells to perform their functions optimally. This is particularly crucial because as years pass, the quality and production of mitochondria decline. Consequently, cells function less effectively, and we experience reduced energy compared to our younger years. While decreased energy is often considered a normal development, an inevitable downward trend, it can be positively influenced.

It is possible to slow down and even reverse this downward trend. One of the possibilities is by fueling the powerhouses of our cells with light, specifically red light and near-infrared light. Despite the importance of this “fuel” for the body, we generally receive too little of it, partly due to spending significant time indoors and residing at latitudes with limited sunlight during autumn and winter. Take action by investing in the Sunsbest 6000.

Red light and near-infrared light provide the mitochondria with the fuel to produce energy, allowing cells to function better and providing us with more energy. Other positive effects of abundant light therapy include increased collagen production and reduced wrinkles, enhanced sports recovery and faster wound healing, decreased inflammation, improved quality and quantity of sleep, increased testosterone production, and a beneficial impact on the gut bacteria.

Self-healing abilities

The body’s self-healing abilities are a valuable gift that we should cherish. However, life not only presents us with opportunities but also challenges. We constantly face stress, environmental pathogens, responsibilities, and the natural aging process. Often, we inadvertently accelerate this wear and tear through an unhealthy lifestyle. The cumulative effect of these factors often leads to accelerated aging and its associated consequences. Thanks to new insights and modern technological developments, you can choose a different path. A significant tool on this journey is the acquisition of the Sunsbest 6000. It is an impressively powerful energy source for your system, providing one of the most intriguing routes to ultimate health: light.

By regularly exposing yourself to red and infrared light for at least 10  minutes a day, you harness the power of natural healing and enhance  your body’s ability to heal itself. It is no wonder that Harvard professor Michael Hamblin expects every household to have a panel with this light in the future.


Technical Specification

EMF at 15 centimeters: None

Color: Beige

Material: Metal

Weight: 40.5 kg

Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 6.5 cm (71″ x 23.6″ x 2.6″)

Depth with detachable rubber feet: 9.5 centimeters (3.7″)

Ventilators: 12

Connectable: Physically connectable to other panels from the Sunsbest series and can be controlled with a single button.

Power Consumption: 2000 Watts

Example: Daily 10 minutes x 30 days = approximately £5 per month, based on data from January 2023

Lifespan: 100,000 hours

Included Accessories: Blackout glasses, two-meter power cable, wall mounting system, remote control, four screws (drill size 12), plugs, and stoppers.

Delivery Time: Available from stock

Warranty: Three years

Shipping: Free


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